Course Code: CICA

To give a basic understanding of the culinary arena to students whose desire is to work in the catering and hospitality industry as future chefs.


Unit ID Unit Name
001 Introduction to catering and hospitality industry
002 Personal hygiene and grooming
003 Food safety and kitchen hygiene
004 Occupational Health and safety in catering industry, HIV/AIDS awareness
005 Basic Food and Nutrition
006 Kitchen Operation, Cost and menu Planning
007 Equipment use in kitchen and its hygiene and maintenance
008 Knife handling and Work place skills ( Cooking methods)
009 Preparation of Stocks, sauces, Soups
010 Preparation of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts
011 Preparation of Fish and sea foods
012 Preparation of Game and Poultry
013 Preparation of Meat and offal
014 Preparation of Pasta, rice, Farinaceous, and egg
015 Preparation of Bread and bakery products
016 Preparation of Pastry and desserts
017 Communication and Hospitality English

Entry Requirement

  • Just finished OL exam